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Croatian Maritime Museum is a short drive from the Peristyle, on a hill Grip. The castle itself, the Grip is worth seeing, as it is the most well-preserved remains of the fortifications of Dalmatia of the 17th century.

The fortress was built to defend against the constant attacks of the Turks, who threatened the Diocletian's Palace. The first attack on the Split took place in 1645 and given the development of artillery at the time, residents asked the city of Venice, which at that time ruled the region, permission to build a fortress on the mountain Grip. This place was perfect for placement of the enemy troops before the attack on Split, so I had to move fast to stay ahead of the enemies.

In 1657 began the construction of a fortress with regular incursions by the Turks. On June 21 the Turks began an active attack, which was repulsed only with the help of Venetian volunteers of Trogir, Makarska, Hvar. The next day, the Turks managed to capture the fortress, but only for one day. Fortress performed a military role until 1990, after which he was transferred to the civil administration of split.

The Museum was established in the former Yugoslavia in 1926 with an unlimited budget, occupied 4 floors. Now the Museum is housed on one floor and consists of two parts: military and civil Maritime history of Croatia. Model ships, preserved tools and equipment, make this Museum a fabulous place for anyone interested in Maritime history and just for lovers of the sea. There are exhibits of different eras and one of the most impressive, of course, a huge Roman vase, found in the shallow waters Roman Catholic Churches a few years ago.

The Museum actively organizes interesting thematic exhibitions on an annual basis. In 2010, for example, was an exhibition about the history of shipbuilding in split.

But the true treasures of the Museum are in the military. There you can find a treasure of national history and many world heritage sites. The Museum houses the oldest collection in the world of torpedoes. The most striking exhibit is a room devoted to innovative torpedoes, which were invented by Whitehead-Lupica in the 19th century. Among other interesting exhibits, a special place is a wonderful collection of models of ships of the guerrilla fleet, 1941-1945.

Croatian Maritime Museum - a wonderful place where you can learn a lot about the history of the turbulent past and the Croatian region of Dalmatia for centuries, to see the many unique and interesting exhibits. It is a Museum for those who love the sea and sea life!