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The house-Museum of Marco Polo

Photos and description

Marco Polo house in korčula outwardly looks quite modest, and the interiors can not be called very impressive, but from the roofs and balconies of the house opens amazing view of the city and breathtaking views of the sea. The house is located in the heart of the Old city near the Cathedral of St. Mark.

Presumably, in 1254 it was born in this house Marco Polo, later famous throughout the world as a great traveller and writer. The house for a long time was under the protection of the city and soon was turned into a Museum of Marco Polo.

On entering the Museum you are greeted by a wax figure of Marco Polo, dressed in a suit similar to those worn then by the merchants and travelers. The building is a wide stone staircase, which takes you up to a narrow door made of boards, a single kick in the door bell - and you're in.

Guides will lead you through the halls of the Museum, from their fascinating story you learn a lot about the life of Marco Polo, his passion of shopping and travel. The exhibition includes wax figures in costumes of the time and sets to illustrate scenes from the life of a traveler, but also the banners with printed quotations from the books of Marco Polo.

Here are scenes from the life of young Marco Polo in korčula, his journey through the Egyptian Sands and China, the scene of meeting with the Kublai Khan in Mongolia, and also the scene of imprisonment of Marco Polo - it was there that he took the description of his travels.