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Church. Eufemia

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Church. Euphemia is the symbol of Rovinj. It was built in the XVIII century and the façade, which is made in Venetian style and completed a century later.

The Cathedral dominates the city. The bell tower, which rises to a height of about sixty meters, you can see the highest statue of St. Euphemia from copper, this Saint is considered the patron Saint of Rovinj. The five-meter statue also functions as a weather vane. The relics of St. Euphemia is still stored in the Cathedral. From the top of the bell tower visitors scenic views of the old part of the city, the Bay and the many Islands.

Cathedral in honor of St. Euphemia in the town of Rovinj is considered one of the main local attractions. He is recognized as the highest structure in the city. Newer building of the Cathedral was rebuilt in the XVII century, where once was situated the oldest Church of the same name.

The Cathedral of St. Euphemia in architectural style can be attributed to the Baroque. Although this temple is not very luxurious interior, as well as its appearance outside.