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Holy Trinity Church in split, located in district Stroite in the centre of the Northern part of the Peninsula. Among other early medieval sites in Dalmatia, Dating from the VIII-XI centuries., the Church occupies an extremely important place. For the first time this Church was mentioned in the list of the Benedictine monasteries in 1060 ad, which means that the Church was built earlier than the IX century.

The English architect Thomas Graham Jackson (1835-1924), was studying the ancient architecture of Dalmatia, first drew attention to the exceptional value of the building. The Church was found in 1887, abandoned and partially destroyed. Soon after this discovery was followed by studies of Croatian and foreign scientists.

In 1924, the building was reconstructed with the buyer organization Bihac. In the structure of the Church is dominated by a Central dome, supported by six interconnected pillars. The Church was built of stone (limestone of local origin). Later it was rebuilt, and a stone dome was replaced by a wooden structure (in 1972).

During restoration work in 1948 on the grounds of the Church were found fragments of the altar, which is now kept in the Archaeological Museum split. Discovered the altar is a typical example of pre-Romanesque stone sculpture, which harmoniously combines oblique finish and engraved texts.