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The Fortress Of SV. Michael

Photos and description

The Fortress Of SV. Michael's is located on one of the upper streets of the city of Sibenik (at a height of about 70 meters above the city). Different height of the street of Sibenik is his calling card. They stretch along the shore of the lake. The fortress of Saint Michael is slightly above the Cathedral of St. James (was recently added to the UNESCO list of protected buildings).

The wall of the castle offer scenic views of the city, surroundings and a magnificent freshwater lake. The fortress was built of white stone in the XV-XVII centuries. The size of the Fort is truly staggering, and its walls are remarkably preserved, as opposed to internal structures.

During numerous archeological excavations it was discovered interesting artifacts and remnants of ancient culture. These finds were dated to the iron age. The walls of the fortress are the city cemetery, the inscriptions carved on the tombstones, you can trace the history of the area.

The second name of the fortress of SV. Michael - the fortress of St. Anne, because nearby is a Church, erected in 1835 in honour of this Saint. Over the fortress of St. Michael is located the fortress of St. John and Subiceva.