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Vransko lake

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Vransko lake is the largest freshwater lake on the island Cres, part of the natural Park. In Croatia it is the third largest and the sixth area is a natural pond. The lake origin of the depression, the deepest point - 61.5 meter below sea level.

The importance of Vronskogo lake it is difficult to overestimate: it is a huge natural storage of fresh water and feeds not only on the island of Cres and neighbouring lošinj. The water of Vronskogo lake is so pure that before you get in the water supply, it is not subjected to sanitation and filtration. On the shores of the lake are prohibited to graze livestock, use fertilizers and other chemicals, to arrange camping and litter.

Vransko lake is a unique place and a Paradise for birdwatchers. The lake and its surroundings in 1999 was declared a national natural Park. Here was 249 species of waterfowl, more than a hundred nest in the Park's area, of which 4 species are endangered in Europe, and 7 to Croatia. The lake is one of the last nesting sites of red herons, great and small white herons, little cormorant. Winter flock here more than one hundred thousand waterfowl. The reserve was included in 1983 in the list of key ornithological territories of the European. In Branscom the lake, pike, carp, tench and even eels.

In the old days the lake was called the Bucket of Blato. Historical and cultural finds in the area date back to 2 thousand years BC the Natural Park of Vronskogo lake still hides a great many secrets and is a constant source of scientific discoveries. There are only a few areas that combine such different environments and landscapes: the coast and the archipelago, the Mediterranean swamp with its unique landscape and ecosystem rural and idyllic views Ravni Kothari over the hill.

This place is associated with many legends, for the most part terrible, about the creatures that live in water and caves nearby. The story of the origin of the lake says that in his place before it was field owned by two sisters Havanci. One of them, greedy and stingy, decided to take over the earth single-handedly and brutally did to that poor sister. For this a heaven sent punishment earthquake and flood. And local people still believe that at the bottom of the lake are the remains of the destroyed castle, and before the storm I hear the bell ringing from the depths.