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Stairs Of Petar Kruzic

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Stairs of Petar Kruzic - the famous staircase of stone, which is located in Rijeka. A staircase leads from Rijeka Trsat to the suburbs. There is a known painting, Dating from 1715, which depicts a procession of priests coming from the famous Church of Mary Trsatske to Rijeka through the staircase.

A staircase rises from the banks of the river Rjecina at 138 metres above sea level, it stretches on the plateau to the small settlement of Trsat. The ladder has a step 561, it was built for pilgrims and pilgrims as the road leading to the Church of the virgin Mary.

Talking about the construction and the first work on the construction of staircases date back to the year 1531. Started to build a ladder hero of many battles with the Turks Petar, Kruzich. He managed to build the lower part (base) of the famous staircase, which is why it was named after him.

Later, the ladder was extended by 538 steps. At the foot of the stairs are the entrance gate, they built a triumphal arch. The arch was built in the Baroque style, its construction dates back to the early XVIII century. The chapel, which are located along the staircase, erected under oath, and dated XV-XVIII centuries.