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Monastery and Church of SV. Anthony Of Padua

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The monastery and Church of St. Anthony are the most important monuments of Pula. The monastery is located South of the amphitheatre in the heart of the city. The Church has a monumental and historic, but was built in the XX century. In the autumn of 1931 in the Newspapers Pula reported that the opening of the Church, built over two years, will finally take place.

The new Church was the true masterpiece, its opening fell on the 700th anniversary of the death of St. Anthony of Padua. The first Foundation stone of the Church was laid on the day of the celebration and the consecration of the Church took place on the feast of All Saints in November 1931.

The construction of the temple and monastery was made by famous architect Guido Brass, helped him Sebastiano Bianchini - gorgeous master Mason together with the employees of his workshop. The Church has hosted the congregation, services were held, when the tower height of 45 meters was still erect.

The tower was planned as high, but the Franciscan monks insisted. According to their plan, the tower was to be visible from all parts of the city. The predominant style of the Church is Romanesque, it was built from stone which was quarried in the vicinity of Pula.

At the consecration ceremony came from more than 20,000 local residents. The construction of the monastery was completed only in 1934. However, over the landscaping of the Church continued to work and finally the work was completed in 1943.

In 1961, it was purchased on, and the surface of the apse is decorated with magnificent mosaics. In 1995 South of the Church built a new monastery, the old one was completely restored. By the year 2003 were completely replaced benches, installed Windows, stained glass Windows and stained glass-the rose on the Central facade of the Church.

Interestingly, all the perfecting of the Church at the expense of voluntary contributions of citizens. Monastery and Church of SV. Anthony's is the largest parish in Istria. It has about 12,000 parishioners. The bell tower of this Church is the tallest building in the Pool.