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Monastery and Church of SV. Dominica

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The Church and monastery. Dominica - one of the monuments of Trogir, protected by UNESCO. Due to the fact that at various times, the rulers of the city were the Venetians, Romans and Hungarian kings, on the territory of Trogir preserved many architectural monuments belonging to different dynasties and cultures, and one of them is the Dominican Church and monastery.

The Church and monastery was built in the XIV century and consecrated in honor of St. Dominic, the founder of the monastic order of the Dominicans, the emblem of which is a running dog with a torch in its mouth. Among residents and tourists, the monastery is better known as “the Church of the Dominicans”.

The Dominicans purchased the land here in 1304, and then laid the Foundation for the Church. The Church was built in several stages, the first was built the main building. The last was added a tall tower with a bell tower.

The monastery is an obligatory stop in the itineraries of tourists. Currently, the monastery was closed, but it can be viewed from the outside the Impressive Gothic architecture will not leave anyone indifferent. You can also visit the Church of SV. Dominica, located nearby, and admire the preserved Baroque altars. The Church is located on the waterfront of Berislavica.