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The Serbian Orthodox Church. Nicholas

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The Serbian Orthodox Saint Nicholas Church in Rijeka is located on the street Ignatius the enemy. The Church was built in 1790, it was worked by the famous local architect Ignacy the enemy. In the creation of the Church attended another architect Antoine Gamboa.

It is known that the Church was built by means of small, but very noble and wealthy Serbian community "Sarajevo". The congregation consisted of sixteen families, who moved to Rijeka in 1768. This community enjoyed Imperial privileges, which were extended to the ability to have their own temple.

The construction of the Church began in the city centre, which acted against the local municipality. According to legend, the Governor of Rijeka, standing opposite the city tower, in response to multiple requests of the Serbs to build a Church in the centre, threw a stone into the sea and shouted, "Build it!".

Thus, the Church was built closer to the sea and the promenade. Above the main building of the Church stands the bell tower with a belfry. In the Church is preserved a rich collection of ancient icons brought from Bosnia in the eighteenth century.