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The Cathedral Of St. Vita

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St. Vitus Cathedral was built as a Church by the local monasteries of the Jesuits in Rijeka on the ruins of the Church. Construction began in 1638 and continued with few interruptions for a hundred years. The dome of the oratory for the monks on the first floor was designed by renowned architect Bernardo Martinuzzi in 1727.

St. Vitus Cathedral was built at the expense of Countess Ursula Thanhausen. Externally, the building of the Cathedral a bit like the Venetian Church of St. Maria della Salute.

The entrance to the Cathedral is decorated with monumental columns holding the arch, decorated with various stone elements. The same architectural idea is repeated in the interior of the Church is a marble column, holding over an arch.

The altars of the Church - works of famous masters of Baroque Leonardo Pacassi and Antonio Lazarini. All of them were created between 1696 and 1740. In the main altar of the Church is preserved the crucifix of the XIII century, while the altar itself was created in 1711. It is also decorated with sculptures of St. Vitus and St. Modesto.

Since the eighteenth century appearance of the Church is not substantially varied, carried out only a superficial repair and renovation. In 1727, the Cathedral, the bell tower was added, but it was subsequently demolished.