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Village Of Bast

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For guides to Croatia, the village of bast is mentioned in connection located there one of the best restaurants of Makarska Riviera - "Konoba Biston". There should definitely order pastichio meat dish with the addition of prunes. To reach the village which is 5 km North-East of Baska Voda, only by taxi or rented car, as public transport does not go there. The village of bast was formerly known under the name of Beeston. In principle, that words are names and the town of Baska Voda, and resort Basco Field, and some other settlements in the region.

Tourists who by chance find themselves in a village that was first mentioned in written sources in 1434, do not limit their knowledge of this town one fashionable restaurant-tavern. The village of bast built old houses, built in a traditional Dalmatian style. They have a smooth roof, which locals equip places for rest. The facades of the dwellings have stone slabs. In addition, the village has several cultural monuments. These include the Gothic Church of St. Rock built in the XV century, and the Baroque Church of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary, dated 1636 year. In the local cemetery there is an old medieval tombstones. The locals will show you the monuments of the XIV century, which can be seen stylistically depicted military uniforms and Muslim crescents. To the North of the village of bast is several chapels of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.