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The Zagreb funicular

Photos and description

The Zagreb funicular is the oldest in the city by public transport and well-known places popular with tourists and locals.

Tram line consists of only two stations, located in the historic part of Zagreb and connects the Upper and Lower part of the city. The upper station is located on the waterfront of Strossmayer near the fortress tower Lotrscak, and the lower station on the street Tomiceva. Between the station of the Zagreb funicular is only 66 meters, so it is considered the shortest in the world. Officially, the funicular was commissioned in 1890, from that moment to this day he carries passengers. The funicular line is recognized as a cultural monument.

In the funicular system consists of two small blue trailer that is used for daily trips. Both trailer designed for 28 passengers in them for 12 sitting and 16 standing. The interval in the movement of the Zagreb funicular is 10 minutes. From one to a second station, the carriages reached in 64 seconds. Track gauge tram line is 1 m and 20 cm height Difference is equal to 30.5 meters, and slope is 52%, which makes the Zagreb funicular one of the steepest in the world. Built on a pendulum type funicular saves energy and reduces the load of the engine due to the fact that when lifting the trailer, the second one automatically drops.

When you visit this attraction, the tourists get a great opportunity to enjoy the view of Zagreb from above.