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Arsenal Zadar was built in the 16th century, after having been extended and updated in 1752. This is evidenced by a memorial plaque on one of the walls of the Arsenal. The structure was strategically important for maintaining the dominance of the “Queen of the sea” - Venice. Massive two-storey building Arsenal with a spacious premises was built alongside the city walls and named a Large Arsenal to distinguish it from the Small Arsenal, which is at a distance of several hundred meters from him. During the Second world war the building was badly damaged, but later restored. For some time the building was the first public theater of Croatia.

Today Arsenal Zadar became a multifunctional space, with a total area is 1800 sq. m. Created a special area of the negotiations for the exchange of views, where each individual is provided the opportunity to Express a theme, to make a presentation and listen to the views of opponents. Also it is possible to listen to good music. Arsenal is also suitable for cultural events, concerts, presentations, receptions, private parties, exhibitions, commercial events and various conferences.

In addition, the Arsenal attracts a large number of tourists as a monument of ancient architecture.