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The ruins of a small Roman theatre

Photos and description

The ruins of the small Roman theatre in Pula located on the Eastern slope of the hill, below the fortress. The Roman theatre was probably built in the first century. The building was occupied a large area, it became clear from the results of archaeological research carried out in this area.

Theatrical space was divided into stage and audience part. In the stage were the actors and the chorus, and the auditorium could accommodate up to 5,000 spectators. A separate part of the theater was somewhat restored, for example, a well preserved gate leading to the theatre.

To the South of the ruins of the theatre located in the Archaeological Museum of Istria, in which are preserved the prehistoric, antique and medieval artifacts from archaeological excavations. There are also elements of stone decoration that was on the facade of the building.

The theater was really a cult place at the time, but in the middle ages was destroyed. A large part of the remnants of the structure were used to build the castle of Antoine de vil in the XVII century.

It is interesting that in our time the theater is not empty. In the summer, there are still performances that are associated with historical and cultural heritage of Pula. Ruins of the Roman theatre has long overgrown with moss, and the building remained only the Foundation of the scene and the remains of the auditorium. Despite the place is known all over the world and attracts large number of tourists.