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The Croatian Maritime Museum in the fortress of Gripe

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The Croatian Maritime Museum in the fortress Gripe was founded in 1997. He is part of a larger Museum complex, which worked on the territory of split since 1925. There were several divisions: the Maritime Museum, the Museum of naval history, etc. In addition to these museums, functioning as an independent institution, has collected quite a lot of collections associated with underwater archaeology, shipbuilding, etc.

This Museum preserves tangible and intangible heritage naval history of the Croatian coast of the Adriatic sea from ancient times to the present. The Museum is located in the territory of the fortress of Gripe, a unique historical monument, preserved from the XVII century.

In the courtyard of the fortress houses several Museum exhibits: the steamer “Copper” and ship “featherbed” is the oldest vessel on the Eastern coast. In the permanent exhibition include exhibits tracing the history of the development of the local fleet: sailing, rowing boats, ships, ships - from antiquity to the present day.

The exhibition opens on impressive dimensions of the ceramic bowl, raised from the bottom of the sea. The bowl used for food storage; this exhibit is only one of the richest collection of underwater finds. There are also anchors, amphorae recovered from the bottom in places where the sinking of ships, etc.

Visiting the Museum, you can learn more about the history of navigation, see photos of different models of sailing ships, including a particularly impressive sailing ships of the nineteenth century. Also you will see various navigation equipment, compasses and sextants, learn about the history of fishing, see the corals, sponges, sea fishing items, etc.

The exhibition ends with a room devoted to ships. In the same room is an extremely valuable collection of marine engines, in which special attention is given to Croatian marine engines, manufactured in a local workshop “Rossi” in the early twentieth century.

A special place in the Museum is dedicated to exhibitions on the military history of the area. Here are models of ships that belonged to the Roman Empire, pirates and ships participating in the battle of Lepanto in 1571. In addition, here are original artifacts from the fighting of the First and Second world wars, 1991 and 1995, as well as works of art associated with a nautical theme (in particular the work of artist Alexander Kircher).