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The Northern city gate

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The Northern city gate - the point from which usually starts overview the historic centre of Trogir. These are the main gate and open the way to the Old town. To the goal summed up a short bridge over the small channel that separates the island from the mainland.

On the gate there is a sculpture of the patron Saint of the city - blessed John of Trogir (Ursini). The sculpture dates from the XV century, its author - prominent architect from Milan, Bonino.

The gate was built during the Venetian domination, when it was built and the city walls. And in the XVII century, the gate was decorated in the Renaissance style. Above the arch is a relief of the lion of St. Mark, who is the symbol of Venice.

After passing through the gate, you immediately find yourself in the historic centre of Trogir, petite and beautiful. The first thing that opens your eyes - Central square in Trogir, named in honor of Pope John Paul II. Once there was situated the Roman forum, as evidenced by preserved stelae, inscriptions and images.