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Fort St. John

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Fort St. John is considered one of the most impressive monumental buildings of Dubrovnik. Fort St. John also called Port tower and the tower of Mola. The strengthening is situated in the South-Eastern part of Dubrovnik and is a complex of defensive fortifications of the city.

For centuries, this attraction was the main defence of Dubrovnik from the sea against enemy ships and pirates. The walls of the fortress from the port city flat and steep, and the sea - rounded and sloping.

Fortification on the site of the present Fort was first built in the mid 14th century, this Fort is the first part of the fortress of St. John. Its present form, the castle was acquired in the 16th century, when during the reconstruction and rebuilding were United two of the old Fort and the bastions.

Today, Fort St. John is a cultural and historical landmark. On the territory of the fortress are the Maritime Museum and Aquarium are very popular among tourists.

The aquarium is located on the first floor of the Fort. There you can get acquainted with the marine fauna of the Adriatic sea. The second and third floors are occupied by the Marine Museum, which opened in 1872. In the Maritime Museum you can learn about the history of shipbuilding, seafaring and Maritime trade.