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The big temple and the Temple of Neptune

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A large Temple located near to it, the Temple of Neptune - sights that are always popular among tourists traveling around the towns of Croatia. Interesting old architecture will please the eye of even the most selective traveler and the picturesque surrounding nature will not leave anyone indifferent.

A large Temple was built in the early first century, it is located in the North-West of the Marafor square. This square is the oldest and largest area of Porec and is always included in the itinerary a visit to this city. In ancient times it was situated the Roman forum, now those structures have been preserved only fragments. On the square you will also see a small fountain with a sculpture of an adorable baby. From the square Marafor originates Decumanus street, which is worth a stroll to the curious tourists - here You will see many interesting things. To our time "lived" only a small part of the walls and facade of the Great Temple. For many years he was considered one of the largest in the Adriatic.

The temple of Neptune is located in the Park in the Western part of the square Marafor. Preserved some fragments of this ancient edifice, which is dedicated to Neptune, God of the seas, which is composed of many legends.