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Lumbarda is a small fishing village, which is home to about 1,200 people. It is located in the East of the island of Korcula, about five kilometers from the old town of Korcula. The village is built around small Bay and on the hills and surrounded by vineyards. The road to Lumbarda passes through scenic pine forests and olive groves.

Greek settlement formed here in the third century BC; findings relating to this period can be seen in the city Museum of korčula. To the North-East while Lumbarda near the beach of Bilin Zal was a Roman Villa. Since the 16th century prosperous Korcula landowners built summer houses here. They were located on the best plots of land around while Lumbarda, some of them are still in good condition and inhabited.

The parish Church of Sveti RoK stands on Vela Glavica - a hill in the middle of the old while Lumbarda, also the village itself has a small old chapel: St. Bartholomew, St. Peter, Nativity of the virgin. Church of the Holy cross of 1774 has a characteristic porch, surrounded by vineyards.

For centuries the inhabitants while Lumbarda were farmers, winegrowers, fishermen and masons. Hence there are several prominent modern Croatian artists and sculptors: Ivo Lozica, Lujo Lozica, the Stipe Nobilo and most famous, Franc Krsinic, who created a bronze World war II memorial in the village centre and a bronze relief of the "Fishermen" near the hotel "Lumbarda".

In Lumbarda for tourists there are hotels, campsites, private pensions, restaurants, shops and a small Marina. In the taverns and Inns serve traditional dishes such as fresh fried fish, seasoned with olive oil, with local white wine. While Lumbarda is located in beautiful sandy beaches, which are very rare for the Adriatic sea, and stone and pebble.

Outdoor enthusiasts will always find yourself in Lumbarda lesson: here you can rent a mountain bike, windsurf and scuba diving, and sailing.