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The Cathedral Of St. Mark

Photos and description

St. Mark's Cathedral is located on the square named after the poet Cacica. It was built in the Baroque style. The construction of the Cathedral began in 1700 by the Bishop Nicholas of Bijakovici, but it was only completed in 1756. It was then consecrated Bishop Steven Blaskovic.

The facade of the Church facing South-West, the towers of the Cathedral can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. On the right side from the entrance of the relics of St. Clement, the patron Saint of the city of Makarska and its diocese. The relics of the Saint were brought from the Roman catacombs in 1725, and since I am in the Cathedral attracting pilgrims.

On the left side is the altar of the rosary. The wooden altar of the virgin and child at the hands of accomplished masters of the Byzantine school. This altar according to local residents was made during the plague of 1815. The second altar in honor of the Holy cross.

The Cathedral was badly damaged during a strong earthquake in 1962, and after renovation in the decoration of the Church was made some changes. After the earthquake, were also damaged choirs, and in 1970, the Cathedral was fitted with a new body of work of the Slovenian company "Janko".