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City tower Rijeka

Photos and description

Rijeka city tower is the best place to start exploring the city centre. It is located in the middle of a small, extremely picturesque pedestrian streets Korzo.

Built this tower was in the 13th century. It was built as part of the city gate, which led to the port. To the left of the tower is preserved a small part of the gate. From the same of the wall that once surrounded the city, unfortunately, almost nothing left.

During its existence it was rebuilt many times. By the 18th century city tower was almost completely redone. Famous watches that adorn it, were established in the 17th century, when the tower was reconstructed once again and decided to do the above. At the same time, the tower was decorated with two-headed eagle, inscriptions and coats of arms of the rulers of Rijeka.

In 1750, this area was a great earthquake, so needed to upgrade the tower. The sculptor who was engaged in reconstruction, Antonio Michelazzi, decorated the tower with portraits of emperors. It was later replaced by a clock that is still working today. In 1801 the architect Antonio Gamboa added to the structure of the dome.

No wonder tower is the pride and symbol of Rijeka. Postcards depicting the city tower can be seen on many postcards, Souvenirs, guides that acquire thousands of tourists.