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Palace Cipiko

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The Cipiko Palace was built by Cipiko family and is located on the main square opposite the Cathedral. The Cipiko family and its descendants ruled the area for about three hundred years and has made a significant contribution to the development of Trogir. The Palace is a complex of buildings that once were connected by a common passage. Currently, it is not preserved.

A large part of the structure was created in the XIII century. The largest building of the complex was built by Koriolan Cipiko in 1476, when he won the big sea battle. The Palace was built as a monument of the victory.

The remains of the Roman style is preserved mainly on the ground floor of the building, and the facade is decorated in the Venetian Gothic style. On each floor there are three Windows, over which flaunt preserved reliefs depicting the heads of poets and humanists. Also survived relief, dedicated to the famous battle, which took place in 1571 at Lepanto, and double relief above the main entrance. They were made by the famous master Ivan dukhovich, Esq. In addition to the dukhovich, Esq. on the decoration of the Palace at different times bother the master Alemi Andrew and Nicola Firentinac.