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The Kallina House

Photos and description

The Kallina house is a historic building in the centre of the Croatian capital. The house is located at the intersection of Masarykova and can be reached within. This building is one of the best buildings in the spirit of the Vienna secession in Zagreb.

The Kallina house was built in 1903 and 1904 for the industrialist Joseph Kallina. The building project was created by Croatian architect Vekoslava Ballom for architectural Bureau Hönigsberg & Deutsch. Before Bastl studied in Vienna, where he was influenced by Otto Wagner, Austrian architect, the former one of the founders of the Vienna secession.

This three-story building was designed as a house on the ground floor which was supposed to be shops. For a building, completely covered in decorative ceramics inspired Bustle Majolica house, built by Wagner in Vienna in 1898 and covered with ceramic tiles. This decision was an excellent advertisement for the factory of Joseph Kallina, all tile for home decoration has been produced in his factory.

The Kallina house decorated with wrought-iron balconies overlooking the street intersection, as well as tiles with floral and geometric motifs typical of the art Nouveau style.

The Kallina house should not be confused with Villa Kallina, a family residence, which was built for Joseph Kallina's son Gustav. Both of these buildings are located in the registry of Croatian cultural heritage. The house was included in the register in 2004, and Villa a year later.