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The Fortress Mirabela

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The fortress Mirabela is one of the oldest historical buildings in the town Omis. In the Middle ages it played an important defensive role. With its tower, a good view of the city and sea for many miles around. Today the fortress is a cultural heritage of Croatia.

The fortress Mirabela - it is a protected area located in the territory of the city. The nearby chapel of St Nicholas on the river Cetina, it is Feel street leading to the city cemetery, and on the North side adjacent hills Spee.

In the Fort you can see the ruins of defensive walls and buildings that have an iconic character. The majority of visitors are attracted by the stunning views from the fortress in Omis and the island of brac.

Omis is a medieval town that was surrounded by fortress walls Dating from the 13th century. With the height of the fortress city were viewed fully, which allowed to protect the peace of its inhabitants.