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One of the most important and well-preserved historical monuments of Dubrovnik is Lazareti - a series of connected buildings located in the vicinity of the old harbour city on the rugged cliffs, right on the seafront.

Lazareti complex, consisting of 10 brick houses and 5 courtyards located in the district of Ploce, where previously housed a large market, which was brought to the selling of cattle and other goods brought in caravans from different countries. Ragussa Republic, formerly known as Dubrovnik, maintained friendly and trade relations with cities in North Africa, Istanbul, Moscow and other localities.

City officials feared that from distant countries along with goods can come and terrible disease. To avoid this, in 1590 on the seafront was built quarantine complex, or Lazareti. Each person arriving with a caravan, and all goods had to be detained for 40 days. If everything was in order, guests of the Dubrovnik was released. One of the Turkish travelers arriving in Dubrovnik in 1664, left notes where mentioned conditions in Lazareti. According to him, the quarantine facility was more like a good hotel. The Turks would be happy to continue to stay within the walls of Lazareti if guests were allowed to take to the streets of the city.

In our days the complex Lazareti has the right to dispose of one of the local cultural organizations. Lazareti steel entertainment center, where the evening by different musical groups that play alternative music. In one of the houses Lazareti works art Museum "Otok".