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Basilica Of Euphrasius

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The Basilica of Euphrasius is included in the compulsory program, so when you walk into Porec, it is impossible not to visit this truly unique and historic place.

It is located at the end of the Peninsula of the old city (today this part is also a centre of poreč). The name of the square Marafor - presumably comes from the words "Mars" and "forum", that is, in fact, this "Mars square". Indeed, the boundaries of the square form characteristic of the ancient Roman squares in a square shape.

Once it housed the temple of Mars, which has left parts of the stone columns and massive stone blocks. In addition, there was another pagan temple dedicated to Neptune. Both architectural landmarks date back to the first century of the new era. Near the square you can see the Euphrasian Basilica, the House of Two Saints, Roman house, Sucato Palace and other historical buildings.

It is interesting that in Roman times the area was situated much higher, as evidenced by the fragments of the ancient pavement, and an impressive number of houses that were built without Foundation - they are located directly on the sidewalk.

A Roman Admiral at his own expense restored a number of the oldest facilities of poreč and began the construction of a new one. It is not known whether he is a native of poreč or just fell in love with this amazing coastal town. One way or another, but a new milestone in the history of the city associated with it.

But not only sights attract tourists to the square Marafor. There are numerous cocktail bars and jazz clubs. In summer, musicians often open onto a porch that gives you the opportunity to enjoy music all the strolling area of the city.

From the square Marafor begins the famous Decumanus street.