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The old town of Labin

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Old Labin is situated in the Eastern part of the Istrian Peninsula, a few kilometers from the sea. The city has a rich history and cultural heritage. Now the Old Labin is known worldwide as the city of galleries and artists.

Old Labin was built as a fortified settlement between the XVI and XVII centuries the Town quickly expanded. By the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries there has been built a large number of houses and palaces.

In the Old Labin preserved tower Giusto, built in the IX century. Also remains of several palaces in Baroque style: Sinicco (XV century) and the Praetorian Palace (XIV century). Later there were built palaces Francovich, Vlacic, Mancini, Negrii and Battalia, Lazarini (XVIII century). On-site Battalia Lazarini, there is a small chapel of St. John, Dating from XVIII century.

Everyone can visit the municipal theatre (Circolo), a building which was erected in 1843. Also preserved the building of the parish Church of St. Mary, built in XIV century and then renovated many times. In addition, in the Old part of Labin, there are three small churches: St Mary Magdalene (XIV century), St. Anthony and St. Mary Mediatrix with valuable frescos (XV century).

On the main square preserved City Palace, built in 1900, today it houses the city administration. Also there are well-preserved town gate of St. flora, built in 1645. Above the entrance to the town, ornaments, carved stone lions, a symbol of Venetian Empire.

The study of the Old Labin is better to start with a visit to the National Museum, here you will learn about the history of the city. Labin is considered a mining town, so a significant part of the exhibition are images and exhibits dedicated to this topic.

Today, when the mines closed, the Old Labin is a real tourist pearl. It is full of galleries, bars, artists ' studios, and built a modern multicultural centre.