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Church of St. Donatus to the XV century had a different name - the Church of the Holy Trinity. But throughout its history it was considered a valuable monument of medieval architecture-Romanesque (9th century), now it is a symbol of Zadar.

This domed triapsidal Church rotunda, its layout is similar to the churches of the Carolingian. The Church reaches a height of 27 meters, width - 22, due to its cylindrical shape it looks monumental and quite original.

According to legend, the Church was built on the orders of Bishop Donatus in the IX century. The first mention of the Church is found in the work “Management state” of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus.

The Church is built in the style of old Croatian architectural solutions with the use of a large number of mortar and rubble stone. Inside the Church many architectural decorations associated with the Byzantine history. And monolithic columns remind of the ruined Roman forum: the building of the Church was really built on the ruins of the Roman forum.

Currently the Church is used for religious purposes. From 1893 to 1954 it housed the archaeological Museum. And thanks to the acoustic characteristics of the structure for several decades, here were held musical performances and concerts of medieval and Renaissance music as part of the international festival “Musical evenings”.