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Chapel. Of Dismas

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Chapel. Of Dismas is located in the Croatian capital, Zagreb. This small chapel dedicated to Saint Dismas, who was one of the two robbers crucified together with Jesus Christ. Dismas was crucified on the cross to the left of Jesus. It is known that during the penalty applied to Christ, to repent of their sins. And Jesus said to him, "today shalt thou be with me in Paradise!" Christians believe St. Of Dismas the patron Saint sentenced to death, but also a model of repentance.

Chapel. Of Dismas is very small and beautiful. It is located on Kaptol, across the street from the elementary school Miroslav Krleza, at the intersection of Degenova, and Kaptol Nova Ves.

When the decision was made on the construction of the chapel, many Christians were opposed to immortalize the name of a "dubious" of the Holy, however, by decision of the Archbishop, a chapel was still constructed because he said that Dismas is the only Saint, of which the gospel tells us that he just went to heaven.

The building of the chapel is painted in a light yellow color and is topped with a green onion dome with a cross. On the facade of the chapel of SV. The Dismas you can see the image of three crosses: the cross of Jesus, cross of Dismas and cross of anyone called, which was the second crucified that day criminal along with the demos, but did not repent of their sins.