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Palace Sucato

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At the intersection of Decumanus and Cardo Sucato stands the Palace, now an art gallery. Although the Gothic mansion has retained its original appearance, historic interiors and layout is not preserved.

Palace Sucato is a three-story building, built in the XIII century in the Romanesque period. The original was built only a ground floor, two centuries later set up another level and attic. The first floor of the Palace is made of stone, the second of brick. The third floor is decorated with architectural details (window casings, cornices, bracing them) carved out of stone, which brightly stand out against the reddish brick walls. The main facade facing the street, Decumanus, decorated with double Lancet Windows in the Gothic style. Other Windows are single. One of them is framed with a rich floral ornament. Part of the facade from the street Cardo is made of stone brought from the island of Korcula. This building material can be recognized by color.

During the Second world war the Palace Sukato were damaged in the bomb blast. It was restored in 1953. Another reconstruction took place in 2003-2004. It became necessary after the damage caused to the house due to heavy traffic on the two main streets of the historical center of Porec. Initially repaired only the first floor and the other two were simply boarded up.

Currently, the Palace Sucato is the property of poreč. Over the past few years all three floors and the basement was rebuilt in accordance with the Museum's requirements. It often hosts exhibitions of paintings and photographs.