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Lim canal is a unique geographic feature near Vrsar, which are located in Istria. The name lim is not only a channel but also the Bay and valley in this area. This name comes from the Latin word meaning “limit”. The channel is a kind of boundary between two Roman provinces.

The river Pazincica, a length of 35 kilometres, converted to lim Bay, which the Croats called the channel because of its small width. The geological history channel is quite deplorable - has been intensively mined limestone. This production was one of the reasons for the drying up of the water flow and at the present time the water resumes its flow in the valley only during heavy rains.

The canyon is high enough, it reaches 150 meters. On both sides of the channel grow poppies, deciduous trees (oak and ash), but in the North are quite common evergreens. The mouth is rich with fish, oysters, mussels. Marine flora and fauna is particularly common due to the unique composition of sea water, the salt concentration is not very high, but sufficiently saturated with oxygen and is suitable for the existence of multiple types of temperature.

The channel is a natural breeding ground and wintering area for many fish species. For this reason, it is overseen by environmental organizations. Cultivation and catching of oysters and fish in the canal is one of the main crafts of local residents.