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Fort Revelin

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Revelin Fort is a fortress built in the shape of a rectangle. The Fort is situated outside the city walls in the Eastern part of Dubrovnik, on the contrary it is the gate of ploče.

Fort Revelin was built in the 16th century, at a time when the Republic of Dubrovnik was under grave threat from Venice. Construction took place at a very fast pace and to tight deadlines. At the time of construction of this Fort in Dubrovnik were stopped all public works, not concerning the construction of fortifications. This was done in order to be able to protect the port city and the most vulnerable Eastern part of the city.

Sympathetic to the Dubrovnik Republic and the Spanish Admiral Dori was sent to the construction engineer by the name of Antoine Ferramolino that he built a fortress in accordance with its architectural plan. Built on this project the Revelin Fort is surrounded by sea from one side and three ditches on the other. Fortified Fort has made the defense of Dubrovnik practically invulnerable.

Today in the Fort of Revelin in the summer are the various theatrical performances and festivals. Thanks to the spacious vaulted rooms and the largest in Dubrovnik terraces of the Fort is perfect for these purposes.