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The Church of St. Nicholas is located at the southern wall of the city of Trogir. The construction of the Church was completed in 1064 year thanks to the efforts of John of Trogir. Since the Foundation of selfless work in the Church, and built with it a Benedictine monastery never stopped. The monastery has always had a significant influence on spiritual and cultural life of the city.

In the interior of the Church preserved wooden altarpiece in the Gothic style and the crucifixion. Currently, the monastery opened a Museum, the exhibits are unique relief of the Greek God Kairos. According to legend, touching the relief brings the fulfillment of hidden desires, and naturally rush to take advantage of visitors. It should be noted that this relief is one of the few objects preserved in Trogir from the period of Greek domination. Besides it preserved coins, an altar, dedicated to the goddess Hera, and also a relief, depicting a woman for homework. In addition, the Church houses the image of the Madonna and child, Dating from the XIII century.

The Church of St. Nicholas was built on the foundations of an earlier Church built at the South gate of Trogir and absorbed the features of different styles - from Romanesque to Baroque.