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Vukovarska water tower

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Vukovarska water tower - one of the symbols of the city of Vukovar. It was built in 1968. The height of the tower is fifty feet. Building sights of Zagreb was engaged in the project company HIDROTEHNA. The tower was part of the project of city Park, located at the entrance to the city of Vukovar.

When Vukovarska water tower acted in the capacity of its tank is 2200 meters cubed. It was one of the largest buildings of this kind in Europe. Before the last Balkan war at the top of the tower housed a gazebo and a restaurant with a rotating floor and a futuristic interior, which opened a unique view on Vukovar and its surroundings.

In 1991, during the battle for Vukovar water tower was very badly damaged by the troops of Serbia. Tower took the blows more than six enemy missiles, but survived. And became a symbol of the city. The authorities decided to abandon the restoration, so the tower remains a monument to the tragic events that took place during the struggle for independence.

In Vukovar is not only the tower reminds of the military operations that took place throughout the country, and the city in particular, in 1991, many buildings were destroyed or badly damaged. Leaving the city towards Serbia, you can see the memorials and military cemeteries.