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Gothic house

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The historic centre of poreč has preserved to our time without any changes. It crosses the wide Avenue Decumanus, which is decorated with the most interesting and beautiful buildings in the city. Here, for example, is a Romanesque house with wooden balcony.

From the mid-thirteenth century poreč became one of the colonies of the Venetian Republic. In the XIV century it became a city of traders, who wanted to live in comfort, so began to build their own houses. In the XV century in Porec appeared 37 Gothic palaces. All but one were built of stone and decorated with elegant double and single Windows (before and monotreme). This design has hundreds of houses in Venice, appeared in that same time period.

The most luxurious Gothic Palace was built in poreč at the beginning of Decumanus street. This is the Palace of Lyon, named after its last owner. In many guide books is simply called "Gothic house". On its facade you can see the date of its construction - in 1474. The feature of this mansion is the presence of triple Lancet Windows (trifor). They are located on each floor to each other. Trifari, decorated with vases with flowers, - not only the Windows of the Palace. On the sides of them are double Windows separated by slender columns. These Windows had to do a stone Palace more light and airy. And the architects did it.

The interior of the Gothic house preserved from the past centuries. However, it is now impossible to see, as the Palace is a private residence, the owners are not allowed in your house tourists.