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The House Of Two Saints

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The house of the Two Saints, Porec is one of the most interesting architectural monuments in the city. This small single-storey house Dating from the XIV-XV centuries is located on the street SV. The moor and this alone makes it an important point to visit. The fact that the layout of the streets, so characteristic of the ancient Roman cities literally brings the traveller back several hundred centuries: St. Maurus runs parallel to the famous street Decumanus.

The building, originally built exclusively in the Romanesque style, was later complemented by the arched entrance, which dates from the Renaissance. The house is named after Two Saints, since its lateral facade is decorated with two figures under feet depicting a feline head. If you pay attention to how this composition is integrated into the facade, it can be concluded that the statue as if you are part of it. It is possible that the owner of the house at the time, found the sculpture in a different place - that is, such jewelry before they were characteristic of different religious buildings.

The story itself could be selected builders from a purely aesthetic point of view, but the true cause may be much deeper. What's more interesting is the fact that the house is located near the former Benedictine monastery, and it is believed that he was part of the monastery complex. However, evidence for this was found.

After the restoration in 1936 in the House of Two Saints for many years housed lapidary displaying monuments, urns, oil lamps and pottery from ancient times. The exhibition continued after the Second world war, and then all the objects have been included in the permanent exhibition of regional Folk Museum which is housed in a Baroque Palace Sincic.