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Castle Vitturi in Kastel Luksic

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Vitturi castle was built by the brothers James and Jerome Vitturi in the 15th century. After the fall of Bosnia in 1463, when king Stjepan Tomashevich lost to the Turks and their Sultan Mehmed II, under the control of Venice and Dalmatia was open to Turkish raids. That is why the brothers Vitturi began construction of the castle on the ground, which by that time was already fortified by a defensive wall.

The construction of the castle Vitturi lasted for decades, materials for work provided Venice, invested themselves Vitturi - by the time they were quite a wealthy family. They owned land in 60 countries in several fields in Trogir, as well as shops and houses. In addition, the construction helped a noble Croatian family, and even simple farmers. The completed castle was in 1564, as evidenced by the inscription on one of its walls.

By the time of the construction of the castle was surrounded by walls with towers, in the southern part of the yard were built two-storey house. The second floor of the house was decorated in the Renaissance style. In the southern part of the yard there was access to the sea, and on the North the castle was surrounded by a moat filled with water. To the main gate of the castle led to the bridge, if necessary he rose and separated the castle.

In 1561, the castle was reconstructed, there was vents on the first floor and the balconies were decorated in the Renaissance style. Climbing the wooden bridge was replaced by stone, and a large part of the pit covered with earth.

On the castle grounds, the researchers found stone fragments of machinery for the processing of grapes and olives is testified that in addition to the military-defensive function the castle had also economic importance. After the disappearance of the threat from the Turks, the castle finally lost its protective function and in the course of the next restoration almost all of its architectural elements were executed in the Baroque style.

Until 1943, none of the representatives of the dynasty have not lived in the Vitturi castle. During the Second world war, it housed a primary school, as well as institutions for children. During the last large-scale reconstruction (1993-2001) the castle was returned to the former appearance (1700). Currently in the Vitturi castle houses the City Museum, which attracts huge number of tourists from all over the world.