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Cathedral of the assumption of the virgin Mary

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One of the attractions of Dubrovnik's Old town is the magnificent Baroque Cathedral of the assumption of the virgin Mary, built on the project of the Roman architect Andrea Bufalini. The construction of the Church was engaged in a number of specially invited Italian architects. Some of them refused to work, being dissatisfied with the delay of salaries. The construction of the temple lasted from 1672 to 1731. The last architect that was finished all the work on the Church was the local master Ilya Calcic.

Cathedral of Dubrovnik is surrounded by legends. The brightest of them tells that on the site of the current Church once housed the temple, which was built by Richard the Lionheart. It seems that he has landed on local shores, returning from the Third Crusade. The old Church was not preserved: it was destroyed in an earthquake in 1667. However, historians say that king Richard the Lionheart had no relationship to the ancient temple. Fragments of the old Church Foundation is dated to an earlier period. Richard the Lionheart came here only a few decades after the appearance of the Church.

In the Cathedral are a number of valuable works of art. Special attention deserves the altarpiece "assumption of the virgin" created by Titian himself. It purchased for the Church local the Fellowship of Lazarini. It consisted of wealthy citizens. In the Western part of the nave you can see the statue of the virgin, which the locals believe has the ability to cause rain. It was carried out in the dry season and carried through the city.

In the sacristy of the Cathedral demonstrates a collection of objects of ecclesiastical art. Here in the reliquaries of the stored items of the relics of St. Blaise.