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Fort Verudella

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Fort Verudella is a small fortress located in Pula. It was built in the late XIX century. The fortress was built by Austrians for the protection of the fleet. Fort Verudela is located in the so-called sector VI, the famous coastal region of Pula, known for its large number of castles.

The Fort is situated 31 meters above sea level. It was built five years and was finally equipped in 1886. Together with the neighbouring fortress of San Giovanni it is a unique architectural and defensive complex.

Fort Verudella has a symmetrical pentagonal form and consists of clay and stone blocks. The barracks was built of small blocks, brick (vault) of concrete and reinforced concrete. The barracks was located on the first and second floors of the Fort.

In addition, space is allocated for storing charcoal, tools, weapons, medical office. In the Fort there was a lift for delivery of ammunition. According to 1903, command of the Fort consisted of four officers and 120 soldiers.

Fort Verudella - unique monument of architecture. This fortification is the fortress of the old type, but functionally designed in such a way that it was possible to apply the new (at the time) weapons.