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Betina is a village on the island of Murter, preserve the pristine beauty of the national Dalmatian and Mediterranean architectural and spiritual traditions. The intertwining of cute narrow streets and alleys, old stone houses, balconies, yards, quays, shipyards, full of natural and man-made charm, - all this represents a genuine historical and cultural value. In Betina there are several symbolic buildings: the parish Church of St. frane, built in the 16th century, the local square, with views of the sea, and shipyard and Marina. The St. Francis of Assisi Church in the Baroque style with a bell tower standing on the hill, is a real gem Betina.

Betina, because of its location and authentic atmosphere, is one of the most beautiful places on the Croatian Adriatic. It is a village of farmers and konopatov, the successor of the Croatian tradition of wooden shipbuilding since the founding of this business in 1740-ies. Betina, along with the town of Murter is the oldest settlement on the island, was first mentioned in documents in 1423. However, this region was inhabited during the time of Illyrian tribes. About ancient settlements show archaeological finds numerous remains of Roman villas, mosaics and frescoes. Between the two settlements, Betina and Murter - is the General cemetery and Church of our lady in the garden, the construction of which dates back to 1688.

Wooden shipbuilding in Betina develops more than 260 years, the older this craft is only on the island of Korcula. Descendants of the first shipbuilders are still living here, engaged in family business. Some of the works can be considered works of art, and the master has repeatedly been awarded prestigious awards. In addition, there occurs a return to traditional agricultural and coastal activities. Due to this, a lot of useful information here you will find connoisseurs identity. Foodies should visit the fabulous fish restaurants Betina, however, any local restaurant will delight visitors with its cuisine.