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Memorial Jasenovac

Photos and description

The Jasenovac memorial Museum, opened on the site of the concentration camp, created in 1941 by the Croatian fascists (ustashe). The camp was located on the territory of 60 km from Zagreb.

At the end of XX century for several of the Balkan wars the territory of the camp Jasenovac was abandoned. In 1991, the Museum documents were taken by the former Deputy Director of the Museum Simo Brdroom in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There they were kept until 2001, until he was transferred to the Holocaust Memorial Museum (USA). In new York in the spring of 2005 opened the monument to those killed in Jasenovac. Outside of the Balkans is the only monument in memory of the victims of the Croatian fascists.

The Museum was restored and opened in 2006. Now it is the exposition which was designed by the Croatian architect, Helena Paver Njiric. For her work she received the Grand prize at the Zagreb architectural salon in 2006. The exhibition is a glass panel carved with the names of dead people.

Also on the Memorial in memory of the dead erected a monument “the Stone flower”, the author of the work is by sculptor Bogdan Bogdanovic.