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Motovun forest

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Motovun forest is a nature reserve, which is located in the East of the Istrian Peninsula, between the towns of Motovun and Optral. In 1963, the forest received the status of nature reserve. This decision was made by the Institute for nature protection.

Geographically, the forest is situated on 275 acres. The reserve is located in the valley of the river Peaceful, and the forest has become known for its growing there white and black truffles.

In the Mediterranean this reserve was the last floodplain forest, untouched by man. On earth you'll find only two such areas: the woods near the shores of the Black sea in Bulgaria and oak forests on the border of Albania and Montenegro. Previously they could be found in the valleys of rivers such as the Neretva and ROA, but in our time they are agricultural land.

In the past, when the territory Matovuskova forests belonged to Venice, has been the strict rules under which the forest was protected. But then the territory was transferred to the control of Imperial Austria, and the forest began to cut down for shipbuilding, the trees were cut for building material and was used for other purposes. Conversion of land also affected are located in the region of the drainage channels.

In the last 50 years the forest of Motovun significantly changed its appearance, and the great elms, oaks and ash trees of this area are today on the verge of extinction.