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The Island Of Biševo

Photos and description

The island of biševo in size is not very large, its total area is 5.8 square kilometres and is located 5 km South-West from the town of Vis. Island soil can grow grapes and olives. In the Northern part there is a pine forest.

On the elevated part of the island (246 m above sea level), at its centre is the village of Estrogenic, which resides only 14 residents. A few houses scattered along the coast of the island. The inhabitants of the island are farming and fishing. In recent years they have also engaged in the provision of tourism services. The island's port with a small Marina are separated from the village of pine forest.

On the island there are 14 caves, the most famous being the Blue cave. The entrance opens to a narrow and low passage in the rocks, and then assuming that the sea is calm. Inside the cave is a long and wide tunnel, which is illuminated by light coming through the hole at the top. The light is refracted, and creates a wonderful play of light, from silver-grey to blue-green. The largest cave gets light in the morning from 10 to 12 hours. The cave can only be reached by small boats, as the higher court did not pass because of the low entrance.

The Benedictine monks settled here in the 9th century. On the ruins of the Byzantine fortress they built a monastery and Church. After several centuries of constant raids of the pirates of Omis, the monks left the monastery, and he was abandoned. Before our time preserved the ruins of the Church and monastery walls, available for tourists.