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The Strossmayer Gallery

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Gallery of Strossmayer Museum of fine arts, which is located in the capital of Croatia. Gallery presents the visitors a collection of paintings donated to the city by Bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer in 1884. The gallery reserves amount to about 4,000 works, of which only about 250 are presented for viewing, while the rest are in storage or on display in other museums or galleries in Croatia.

Gallery of Old Masters of Strossmayera opened in November 1884 and was named in honor of its founder. The gallery, with the Bishop as patron, was established in 1860 and moved to purpose built it in 1880.

Bishop Strossmayer acquired paintings for 30 years, since his appointment to the post of Bishop of Djakovo in 1850. He began with Italian art, mainly the works of the Renaissance of Florence and Venice. In 1870 he moved to art of the 17th century. In 1868, he decided to donate his collection to the Croatian people, transferring it to the Academy. The gallery was opened to the public in November 1884, and presented to the visitors of 256 works of art.

For many years the prestigious gallery collection attracted new donations, including contemporary artists. In 1934, the extension led to the creation of the gallery of Modern art for storage later works.

Strossmayer gallery exhibits the works of European artists of 14-19 centuries. All the work was divided into three major groups: Italian, French and Northern European (German, Flemish and Dutch).

In addition to paintings, the Museum also hosts the legendary Baska Tablet, which is the oldest existing example of Glagolitic script, and perhaps the most important artifact of Croatia.

A large statue of Bishop Strossmayer made by Ivan Meštrović, is located in the Park behind the Academy.