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The Monastery Of Virgin Mary Of The Snow

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The monastery of virgin Mary of the snows, Franciscan monastery, located at the foot of mount St. Roch was built in the XV century. The monastery has preserved priceless treasures of religious art, among which a special place is occupied by the polyptych of St. Michael (1510) and established in the Renaissance-style main altar of the Church.

The monastery building has two floors and consists of several buildings. It is lined with white stone (limestone). On the walls internal and outside preserved stone reliefs depicting saints. On one of the internal arches of the monastery court there is a stone relief depicting the virgin with child surrounded by cherubs. Cozy cloister is fully planted with flowering plants, in the shade where you can relax and enjoy the local silence.

Above the convent stands a stone tower, surmounted by a cross. The monastery is beautifully preserved, thanks to the timely restoration and maintenance. Right in front of the monastery there is a summer café.

Triangular tiled roof, stone arches, held by pillars with antique stucco monastery walls, ivy-covered, narrow stone stairs - all this ancient splendor is surrounded by shrubs and fruit trees planted by the caretakers of the monastery. The monastery overlooks the pier and the town's waterfront.