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Roig - one of the ancient cities of Istria, which has preserved a considerable part of his original architecture. It is located on a small hill in the Northern part of Istria, 8 km from Buzet. Fans of the accordion can not miss the famous festival in Rocha, which is held every second Sunday of may.

Roig is located on the top of a hill which reaches a height of 334 meters above sea level. From this hill overlooks the beautiful sea views. In addition, Tarragona is known as one of the cultural centers of Istria. Since the 13th century, it was the only town where books were printed in Glagolitic. In Rocha conducted an educational seminar for all those wishing to learn more about the Glagolitic literature - “Small Glagolitic Academy”, to which could be anyone. The best-known authors who have written in Glagolitic, was Yuri Zakan, Simun Rowing, Ivan Bencic.

City gate is well preserved. Above the gate you can see the city coat of arms with the inscription “1064 year.” This was the year that Roche is first mentioned in written documents. There it is found under different names Ruts and Ron. Passing through this gate, you will see a small Church of St. Rock built in the 14th century. This Church is decorated with frescoes Dating from the 14th and 15th centuries. The frescoes from the 14th century depict fragments of the life of St. Paul's, and later different traces of the influence of Italian artists.

Moving further into the city centre, you will see the Church of St Bartholomew (built in 1492). Opposite the Church is a monument to the famous writer Yuri Zakayev and another Church - St. Anthony the Abbot. The Church is famous because in it are the famous inscriptions in the Glagolitic alphabet, Dating back to 12-14 centuries, the Last reconstruction of the Church was held in the 14th century. Then it was expanded to include a Gothic arch.

Don't forget to visit the small gate located in the Eastern part of the city, with a wonderful view to the Eastern part of Istria.