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Sućuraj is a small town situated on the Eastern tip of the island of Hvar. The settlement existed on this place for over two thousand years, it is not destroyed and then rebuilt. In the 15th century most of the population Sutura were refugees from the mainland who escaped the Turks. Sućuraj was ruled by many peoples and States in different times, he was Illyrian, Roman, Croatian, Venetian, French, Austrian and Italian city; in the 20th century, he travelled to six different countries. Now there are about four hundred people.

Sućuraj has the status of a cultural monument, you can see many attractions, one of which is an old lighthouse located in the city centre. The oldest building in Sućuraj is the Franciscan monastery of St. Augustine, its date of construction is not precisely defined, but it is known that the first time he was restored in 1309. Date of last renovation in 1994.

Sućuraj got its name from the Church of St. George, the mention of which can be found in the Charter of the island of Hvar from 1331. Church. George in the late 19th century, was destroyed and later rebuilt in a new form. Built in 1663, the Church of St. Anthony has fallen on hard times and has reached our days almost unchanged. Also still standing, though not in its original condition, the old Venetian fortress fortica, built in 1613.

Sućuraj is a small town of fishermen, but in addition to the fishing skills of the local inhabitants are known for amazing skills in cooking fish dishes. The tourist business is the second major area in the city's economy. For pleasant rest there are all conditions: the comfortable hotels and apartments, car camping, sloping sea, convenient beaches, lush Mediterranean vegetation and pleasant climate. Sućuraj is one of the hottest places on the island.

In Sućuraj is easily reached by ferry from Drvenik, and the journey takes approximately 25 minutes. In the summer the ferry runs 10-15 times a day, in winter 3-4 times.