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The Town Of Murter

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Murter is the largest and oldest settlement on the island. He is the unofficial name of the "metropolis of the Kornati" because the inhabitants of the island belonged to almost all the Islands of Kornati and the surrounding Islands. The life of the inhabitants of Murter impossible to imagine without the centuries-old relationship with the sea and neighboring Islands.

The old village of Murter is situated under the mountain Raduch, and in connection with increasing communication of the locals with naval Affairs, the new part of the settlement was built on the coast in the Bay of Hramina. After some time, the settlement extends South-West to Slanica. An extremely precious discovery - a Roman settlement Colentum - was made on the hill Gradina, which indicates the attractiveness of the area for habitation from the earliest times. It is assumed that Colentum was attacked and destroyed by pirates in the 2nd century.

On the hill Gradina on the edge of the ruins is the Church of our lady, which dates back to the 17th century. The building, built in the Baroque style, has a semicircular apse. It was built on the Foundation of the early Church, evidenced by a stone wall to the right of the entrance, which preserved the pattern of the crosses, typical of the 6th century. Left - cross with jumpers, proving that the Church existed in the Middle ages.

One of the most beautiful churches is the parish Church of St. Michael surrounded by a beautiful garden. The reconstructed Church was in the 18th century, special attention deserves the altar in the Baroque style.

Murter is a kind of entrance to national Park Kornati, which includes nearly one hundred and fifty Islands.