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Municipal Museum Makarska

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Municipal Museum Makarska was founded in 1962, when it was founded the Museum of the national liberation struggle Biokovo. In the Museum are archival materials and historic objects in the region up to the present time. In 1973, the Museum has teamed up with the municipal centre of Makarska on culture and changed the name to the Museum of the revolution. At that time the Museum has expanded the scope of their work laid the foundations for the formation of Museum collections representing all the historical periods of the city, then was created the archive and the Museum library.

In 1991, in connection with social changes, the name was changed to the regional Museum of Makarska. Formed archaeological, ethnographic and cultural-historical collection, contemporary collection of history were expanded by subcollection. The heirs of the Makarska artist Antun Hoyaka donated the gallery of his works.

When in 1995 the municipal center of Makarska for culture was abolished, the Museum became an independent institution. After separation of the Museum was established by the gallery of Antun Gojaka.

Today the Museum exhibits are divided into collections and subcollections, the total number of objects more than 2,700. Among them, an important written sources, photographs, and drawings associated with the cultural heritage of Makarska and the Makarska coast.

In addition to organizing annual exhibitions priority in the activities of the Museum is the publishing of monographs, organization of scientific symposia, conducting archaeological research and the final formation of the permanent exhibition of the Museum.

The Museum building is built in the second half of the 18th century in the Baroque style Palace Tonoli located on the coast.